Burning with Passion, by Emma Darcy


“February the fourteenth … a day made for romance…”

ST. VALENTINE’S DAY is a special day for lovers all over the world. And this year it has a special significance for Caitlin Ross. This year she is sure that David Hartley will admit he loves her. But Caitlin has forgotten that Valentine’s Day casts its own special magic. The surprises she receives, and the shocks that lie in store for David, make this a February the fourteenth they will never, ever forget…!

The Review

Another crazy Emma Darcy story that is a bit out there but super duper fun. It’s fluffy, pink, happy, and obtusely camp story. The story starts with a heroine who works as a personal assistant and realizes her job won’t get her closer to a loving relationship.

Heroine falls in love with her boss, and the story activates a chain of events that are both sweet, humorous, and unbelievably saccharine. The story is fast-paced and fun for people who love something easy and loose.

Burning with Passion, by Emma Darcy
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