“A missing two-year-old girl, and the body of an unidentified drowning victim have brought Homicide Squad Inspector Hal Challis, of the Peninsula Police Force, to Bushrangers Bay at the Australian seaside not far from Melbourne. All is not idyllic in this resort community; far from it. Cars are stolen and torched; letter boxes are being burned. Is it mischief, or the prelude to even more serious crimes?”

A good friend, attractive Kitty Casement, runs an aerial photography service and flies a Kittyhawk. Challis is restoring a 1935 Dragon Rapide aeroplane; their mutual interest has brought them together. Each of them prefers to soar alone, high above the earth. And then one of Kitty Casement’s aeroplanes suffers malicious damage.” The once-peaceful beach resort becomes the site of multiple murders. Are all the crimes linked? It is up to Inspector Challis to find out before more innocent people are killed.

The Review

Kittyhawk down is book two in the Inspector Challis series and it is still as great as Disher’s first book. The story is superb, with many plot threads running parallel with each other. It has a ton of characters to track, so the action never lets up.

It’s not often that we can get a main character who works as a police inspector whose wife is a prisoner for almost a decade. I love Challis and Ellen, but every reader will surely find a character to root for. Everyone is likeable and they work together so well. The synergy is real, and the mystery is also real.

It’s a nice, enjoyable read that makes you look forward to the next book in the series. It has its twists and works towards its weakness, converting it to something you want to read. 

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