“At heart I’m the last of the great romantics.”

Jackie Mulholland scorned Sunny King’s extravagant boasts. Everything about the Australian movie director who had become her next-door neighbor irritated her: his opulent mansion, his reckless driving, his overwhelming arrogance.

Gradually Jackie discovered Sunny’s real nature–his sensitivity and his generosity to her and her two sons. “I’m going to take you under my wing and give you all you deserve,” he told her.

Sunny’s expert touch reawakened sensations Jackie had almost forgotten in four years as a widow. But a lasting relationship with the irrepressible Sunny was hard to imagine.

The Review

Here’s another typical Emma Darcy story that is quite the product of its time. The hero came so strong, waking up the heroine with a kiss and he immediately declared his love even if he just moved and they never met before. It’s hard to think the character can win any modern woman over, but well, he did. He got the heroine, who’s a mother of two. She was dazed from the start and the attraction is palpable.

The heroine’s story is a tale of pushing back the hero, taking care of her boys and changing her prejudices about the hero and his films. Both started having dazzling encounters even if the boys keep getting into trouble. The children even burnt their house down by accident to have them moving in with the hero.

This hero is a traditional action man, and if you’re the type who likes these stories, it’s the right story for you.

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