The All-the-Way Man, by Joyce Dingwell


“An involvement’s the last thing I want.”

Tim Fortescue was a confirmed cynic when it came to women he wasn’t going to repeat his ancestor’s mistakes. And besides, his outback cattle station was strictly a man’s world.

But regardless, he wanted Jessica to pretend to be his fiancee until his matchmaking godmother was fooled enough to leave him alone.

“I’m sick of being a hunted man,” he told Jessica. “And I’m certainly never going to get caught!”

The Review

Ok, the story is unbelievably weird to me. It has very little direction, with the heroine winding up in a wrong station in the Outback. The setup is hard to digest, which seems to be a common thing with Joyce Dingwell’s romance stories. The actions that the characters take are never fully explained and seem unimportant to the plot.

From start to finish, the cast of characters destroy what little interest I have about the story. The girl is like a petulant child. The hero is too generous without feeling warmth towards the girl. The entire fake engagement setup just looks like two people who like each other agreeing that their transaction is fake.

The ending is abrupt. The love story between the beta couple is actually better! That’s how bad it is. 

The All-the-Way Man, by Joyce Dingwell
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