“George Brewster is the well-dressed explorer. As his career in journalism takes him from city to city, from mistress to mistress, he takes with him his ever-patient wife. Fastidious, pompous and master of the cliche, throughout it all George persists in the illusion that he is the smartest of men.”

The Review

I’ve been meaning to read Thea Astley’s TWDE and it’s been an interesting read. The premise has a ton of things I like in it, but it can be too melodramatic at times if you’re not someone well-informed of the premise. It can distract you from the story if you’re the type who likes ponderous tales.

It’s a very good story, worth of its Miles Franklin award. It follows a person who has nothing to offer but his low value words, self-pity and petty behavior. Her writing style is beautiful and her prose is enjoyable, but if you’re not careful, the simplistic plot can turn you off. The prose is denser than the actual content, but it’s a superbly beautiful book that deserves its accolades.

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