Parallel Pasts By Julia Blues


Love is the one thing missing from Fatima’s life, beginning when her parents left her at the age of four. Usually she enjoys calling the shots in her love life, but when she runs into a mysterious man on a night out, everything changes. Cory Hines would give anything to undo his childhood. Growing up with an abusive father and distant mother left him wary of family and relationships. And as he tries to straighten out his life, the nightmares return and send him down a drunken spiral. His siblings force him into therapy, but it’s not until he meets Fatima that he begins to learn what commitment is all about. Though their pasts continue to haunt their relationships, it is their common problems that draw Cory and Fatima closer. In the process of getting their lives on track, they find out more about themselves and their pasts than they bargained for and realize they must rid their demons for good in order to survive. But just when Cory and Fatima get comfortable with each other and the idea of a relationship, news of an unexpected pregnancy sends them both running back to the familiar. Full of raw emotion and a vulnerability that pulls you in, Parallel Pasts offers an inside look at what it takes to escape a history of domestic abuse, as Cory must suppress the urge to fight anything that gets in his way, and the women who love him through the process.

The Review

“When my parents left me, I left me as well. Figured, if my own mother and father didn’t love me, how could I? What is love anyway? Nothing more than an overused four-letter word synonymous with pain.”

Parallel Pasts is the story of Cory and Fatima. They are both very broken people who have not had the best luck at love but they find themselves drawn to one another. There are abandonment issues, childhood abuse, among other issues that have left psychological scars on them. As they get to know one another, the walls start to come down but it is not a smooth ride.

I truly find it hard to believe that Parallel Pasts is Julia Blues first piece of work. The writing and storyline are practically flawless. There was never a dull moment and how could you not like a man that is willing to show his vulnerable side as Cory does?

“I want to be with you, Fatima. I want to right the wrongs in your life. Shit, I want to right the wrongs in my own life. It’s going to be hard for both of us, but does that mean we can’t try? We can’t give up, we’ve come too far.”

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