Cinnamon’s Universe By Ac Vernon Menchan


Cinnamon Dubois Brown says, “Never humiliate or disrespect me and most importantly never leave me and we can deal with anything” in Cinnamon’s Universe by ac Vernon Menchan. This first book in the Black’s Trilogy centers around Cinnamon, her husband William and her lover Malcolm and the dynamics of their relationships. Menchan does not write a simple story of an affair as William (Brown) and Malcolm (Black) are best friends and Cinnamon’s relationship with both is out in the open. The universe truly does revolve around Cinnamon as both men will do anything to please her even if that means sharing her.

The Review

Even though I truly enjoyed reading this book, I stopped short of giving Cinnamon’s Universe 5 stars because it really bothered me how Cinnamon referred to herself as ‘mother’ when talking to Brown and Black. It also seemed irrelevant to me and a distraction from the story that so many references were made to Cinnamon having to use the restroom. Overall, it was quite refreshing to read a story of mature adults. The relationship dynamic between Cinnamon, William, and Malcolm took a lot of understanding and while it is hard to think of anyone that could handle this ac Vernon Menchan writes a believable storyline that helps the reader understand how it could be possible. I look forward to reading the rest of the Black’s Trilogy series.

Cinnamon’s Universe By Ac Vernon Menchan
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