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Diane and Kristopher Michaels had been happily married for over five years when they were blessed with their first born son, Kristopher Jr. They thought this day would never come after two devastating miscarriages. Kristopher Jr. was a dream come true for the proud father, but his dream would soon turn into a nightmare. At the age of five Kristopher Jr. is diagnosed with gender identity disorder which leaves him feeling trapped in the wrong body. Kristopher Jr. faces heartache and constant rejection from his family and friends as he transforms into the beautiful Krisette. Krisette finally finds happiness and true love when she marries her high school sweetheart Derek McQueen, but what should be a happily ever after turns into a situation of deadly consequences once her secret is revealed.

The Review

“Because I am a girl on the inside, but I look like a boy on the outside,” K.J. explained.
Yes, this book went there!! Two Face is the story of a boy who at a very young age knew he was in the wrong body and was supposed to be a girl. It not only explores his journey but that of his parents and how they dealt with it.
“I thought God didn’t make mistakes; well what in the hell do you call this? All I ever wanted was a son to carry on the Michaels name and now that I have one, he wants to be my daughter.”

It was quite interesting to read K.J.’s transformation from being a little boy into a young woman. I haven’t personally known anyone that has went through this so it was hard for me to have a connection with the main character. But, his parents were another story. One parent was accepting and the other couldn’t handle it. The parent’s reactions were mixed and I found that to be quite believable. I think the dad went to the extreme, but some folks do that and you will have to read the book to see what I am talking about. This book makes you ponder when you say you love someone unconditionally, do you really mean it or only when they fit into your image of them.


Two Face is a one of a kind book! It is unique in the subject matter and quite risky. This served as a wake up call to me because while I am friends with several homosexuals I have never met anyone that has surgically changed their gender. The experiences and events throughout the book were eye-opening.

I was fully into the book until K.J. received the actual surgery. From here, it seemed rushed and not as well-developed as the book up to this point. For this reason I dropped my rating from a four to a three. In conclusion, I applaud Trae Ferguson for being bold enough to write this book!!!

Get To Know Trae Ferguson! not found on amazon
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