Champagne And Chocolate Kisses By Theresa Hodge


Juggling motherhood and her job as a real-estate agent, Elizabeth Jordan wishes her husband could help more around the house. But Tony’s rising career as a pharmaceutical salesman demands more and more of his time. With a nice home in the suburbs and a lovely young daughter, they appear to have it all—yet they can’t seem to spend time together without fighting.

Hoping for a new listing, Elizabeth visits the home of Clara Williams, an elderly widow, and is both amused and uncomfortable when Clara starts asking pointed questions about her marriage and faith. But it’s Clara’s secret prayer room, with its walls covered in requests and answers, that has Elizabeth most intrigued . . . even if she’s not ready to take Clara’s suggestion that she create a prayer room of her own. As tensions at home escalate, though, Elizabeth begins to realize that her family is worth fighting for, and she can’t win this battle on her own. Stepping out in blind faith, putting her prayers for her family and their future in God’s hands, might be her only chance at regaining the life she was meant for.

The Review

Champagne and Chocolate Kisses by Theresa Hodge is a short and steamy novella. The setting is right before Valentine’s Day and Serenity is a celibate woman who secretly has a crush on Jonathan. Little does she know Jonathan has a crush on her and so does his twin brother Jason. Serenity and Jonathan quickly begin a steamy, hot torrid affair but it gets even steamier once Jason reveals himself to her. I stopped from giving this novella a 5 star rating because it has a disclaimer at the beginning asking readers to forgive and overlook the errors and I simply could not overlook that. Champagne and Chocolate Kisses is quick read that will definitely hold your attention because Jason and Jonathan are two sexy, athletic, chocolate men and who doesn’t love chocolate???

Champagne And Chocolate Kisses By Theresa Hodge
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