Larry’s Got A Secret Too By Brian W. Smith


If you thought Brian W. Smith had you on a suspenseful rollercoaster ride in Nina’s Got A Secret, then you must strap in and prepare yourself for Larry’s Got A Secret Too. This is the long-awaited sequel to Nina’s story and it should not be overlooked. Larry and Nina are trying to move their marriage forward and lead normal lives, but that is hard to do since the trust has been so deeply compromised and adding to the tension is the fact that Larry is determined to keep his explosive secret quiet.

The Review

When Larry sees someone from his past around Nina, he panics and will do anything to keep this mystery man from revealing his secret. The twists in Larry’s Got A Secret Too are so unexpected and fast that the words seem to simply jump off the page. Both Nina and Larry have secrets that are life-changing and teach us all that the best secrets are those kept to ourselves.

Brian W. Smith is an author that should be at the top of every reader’s list to read. His books are complex as they all include suspense, complete character development, humor, a level of intelligence, social issues, and is not boxed into one genre. I suspect, or maybe it is just wishful thinking, that there will be one more installment in this series as the ending of Larry’s Got A Secret Too left you wanting more!

Larry’s Got A Secret Too By Brian W. Smith
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