Afia Satar is studious, modest, and devout. The daughter of a landholding family in northern Pakistan, Afia has enrolled in an American college with the dream of returning to her country as a doctor. But when a photo surfaces online of Afia holding hands with an American boy, she is suddenly no longer safe—even from the family that cherishes her.

Rising sports star Shahid Satar has been entrusted by his family to watch over Afia in this strange New England landscape. He has sworn to protect his beloved sister from the dangerous customs of America, from its loose morals and easy virtue. Shahid was the one who convinced their parents to allow her to come to the United States. He never imagined he’d be ordered to cleanse the stain of her shame…

The Review

The cover to A Sister to Honor is simply beautiful. There is something about the choice of only showing half of her face that made me think that there is some mystery and a story behind her single blue eye. And, once you get to the content it does not disappoint!

Ferriss takes a fictional look into the lives of two Pakistani siblings (Afia and Shahid) who are in America for college. I was sucked in from the very beginning because it delves into a culture I am not too familiar with outside of the negative imagery shown on the news about the Middle East. The author gives us some insight into what it may be like to be a person torn between the cultural norms of your home country and the society where you presently live.

“It was a question Shahid used to talk about with Afia. Did you go away from your people in order to bring the world back to them? Or did you go away to shed the world you once had?

Afia and Shahid’s story is one that we could all relate to even if we are still living in our home country. I say that because we have all reached and/or will reach that crossroad where we must make a decision if we are living for our parents and what they expect from us or if we are going to live for ourselves and follow the path to our own happiness. A Sister to Honor touches on many subjects such as the dynamics between siblings, being torn between cultural norms and parental expectations, and ultimately making the decision if you are live your life for you or for others. Ferriss writes a compelling, beautiful, and quite exceptional book and I hope others will take the time to put it on their reading list and give it a chance!

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