How To Be Almost Famous In Ten Days By Kathleen S. Allen


Seventeen-year-old Cassie Cee feels invisible because she’s a double-digit size. She finds a book in a secondhand bookstore that she hopes will change her life. Her best friend’s brother wants to make vlogs about how she is following the ten rules she found in the book, why she is doing it, and how she feels about being invisible for his school project. She agrees, but only if he promises no one but his college advisor will see the vlogs. He promises, but a friend of his posts them online and they go viral. When one of the “famous rules” puts her best friend, Rachel in a dangerous situation, Cassie makes one last vlog and Chuck posts it online. But emails begin arriving from other girls who have felt invisible, and she realizes she has to own up to being “the real Cassie Cee.”

The Review

“I started it because my best friend is someone that everyone sees, ya know? She’s visible. I’m not.”

How to Be Almost Famous in Ten Days by Kathleen Allen is about teenager Cassie and her desire to be famous. Cassie purchases a book titled ‘How to Be Almost in Ten Days’ and she begins to follow the steps but because of her low self-esteem she asked her best friend, Rachel to pose as her. In my opinion, Rachel is one of the shallowest people I have read about and during the majority of the book I didn’t really consider her a friend to Cassie.

“Even my best friend, who should be able to see me, doesn’t. She sees who she wants to see, the friend who is there for her when she is sad or stressed out. I’m her sounding board, she tells me her problems and I listen, I offer suggestions or advice. She doesn’t understand, she’s seen and I’m not. Simple as that. I thought that if only a few people could see me, then I would count. I would be visible enough to make a difference in the world.”

How to Be Almost Famous in Ten Days has the potential to be a very good and powerful book dealing with teenage self-esteem and self-image issues but it falls short. It never does fully develop and at times seems to be superficial. With that being said, I would say this book does shed some light on just how far some teenagers will go to simply be seen.

How To Be Almost Famous In Ten Days By Kathleen S. Allen
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