Private Research By Sabrina Darby


The last person PhD candidate Mina Cavallari expects to meet on her research trip to London is the sexy financier whose rejection devastated her. But Sebastian Graham is even more irresistible than he was two years ago, and she’s no longer the innocent girl shocked at his indulgent pursuit of physical pleasure. Now she’s ready to embark on a love affair on her terms—and is using every possible moment to live out her fantasies. Sebastian is more than happy to help Mina make her passionate dreams a reality. But he wants more, luring her into a search for a mysterious, underworld club where they can explore all of their sexual desires. He needs Mina completely at his mercy, and, unlike two years ago, this time he may not let her go.

The Review

Private Research is a novella that packs quite a bit of heat in its pages. And, while it has the heat factor, it had the potential to be so much more. Mina was quite the character and she has a serious fascination with one certain sexual act. I probably would have rated this book a little higher if it would have been a bit longer. There were just too many unanswered questions for my personal preference.

Private Research By Sabrina Darby
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