The Bum Magnet By K.L. Brady


Now available from Pocket Books, the critically acclaimed book club favorite featuring a proud, sarcastic heroine with a quick wit, short fuse, and an affinity for Grey Goose vodka.Sassy and successful real estate agent Charisse Tyson has it all—the stately, three-story colonial, a dream job, and a 7-Series BMW. After two decades of tumultuous relationships with cheating men, she’s ready to overhaul her life and make some lasting changes. Charisse swears off dating and sex until she feels ready for a healthy relationship—but unfortunately stunningly sexy, charming Dwayne, a client of Charisse’s, comes along and her plans change. But can she learn from her past mistakes and learn to trust men—and herself?

The Review

Let me start this review by saying it has been quite a while that I have laughed so much while reading a book as I did with The Bum Magnet by K.L. Brady. Charisse is like most women I know including myself. She has dated bum after bum after bum in hopes of finding the right man.  Charisse is a professional woman who has already went through one divorce and can’t seem to find a man that is truthful, faithful, or even really available.

In my opinion what made The Bum Magnet quite entertaining and multi-layered is that not only was it funny it was also very deep and quite emotional. This book dealt with what happens when we allow our emotional baggage to lead our lives instead of dealing with it and leaving it all in the past. The Bum Magnet by K.L. Brady reminds us that most of the time it is not other people that are the issue instead it is the person that we look at in the mirror. And, until we decide to change that person our life will not change.  Now, I can’t wait to read the sequel, Got a Right to Be Wrong!


The Bum Magnet By K.L. Brady