Sparkle By Denene Millner


Sparkle by Denene Millner should be read before seeing the movie that currently stars Jordin Sparks and Whitney Houston. Sparkle is the story of three sisters – Sister, Sparkle, and Delores and they dream of being a singing group even though it is against their Mama’s wishes. Sister is the lead singer of the group as she is beautiful and has a great singing voice but it is the songwriter, Sparkle, who catches Stix’s (their new manager) attention. Delores simply sees the singing group as a way to make income on her way to medical school.

The Review

Read Before the Seeing the Movie!

In Sparkle, like every girl group (real or fictional), there is one that believes she is bigger than the group and that is where the drama begins. Denene Millner does an excellent job at capturing the music scene and the atmosphere of Detroit during the Civil Rights Movement. It should also be noted that in this book adaptation, Millner writes details and gives backstories that are not displayed in the film version which provides a greater understanding to the storyline. Sparkle was a quick, exciting, and entertaining which was read in one afternoon.

Sparkle By Denene Millner