Spell By Janell


How far would you go for the one you love?

Donna Goodman never wanted to be a preacher’s wife. Nevertheless, falling in love with Pastor Walter Goodman was unexpected, thrusting her into a lifestyle that she feared most. Unwilling to accept the role of a perfect wife, Donna left Walter and his congregation behind.

Enter Tracy.

Beautiful yet damaged, Tracy Broussard wants one thing only—to be loved. Instant chemistry between Tracy and the separated Walter leads her to believe that her dreams are finally coming true. Quickly, she imagines herself as the new first lady and makes plans to be the next Mrs. Goodman.

But when Donna abruptly returns and Walter chooses his wife over his new girlfriend, Tracy decides to take matters into her own hands. Armed with a book of spells and a vial of his blood, Tracy promises to use everything on earth and below it to change Walter’s heart.

Ready or not, once the powers of darkness are channeled, Donna will have to either face death or risk the loss of Walter’s soul to spiritual wickedness in high places.

The Review

“Yes. The Bible tells us to put on the whole armor of God. Whenever we sin, we create openings in our armor, cracks and crevices that the enemy can use to infiltrate our lives. Sex is a common entryway that the enemy uses to permeate our lives and our bodies. Many people who are possessed by demons have been sexually abused. If you notice, sexual sins are the most pervasive sins in this world. Everything around us is aimed at getting us to have sex outside of the covenant of Biblical marriage. It’s the easiest way for the devil to penetrate our beings.”

Ohhhh boy, this book right here!!! Let me tell you that Spell was a book (minus the occult stuff) that could easily mirror many marriages. Husband decides to have an affair, side chick thinks and wants it to be more than what it is, wife finds out and is not having it.

While there are Biblical undertones throughout the book, it is not overly preachy. When the wife (Donna) says the husband must choose between her and the mistress, the drama begins. And, let’s just say that like some side chicks, Tracy does not stay in her lane and she begins to claim someone that isn’t hers. Once again, Janell does not make the drama over the top so  the books does not seem unrealistic. And, while I am not into occult and/or supernatural stuff, the presence of it throughout the book did not distract me.

Spell serves as a great reminder that at some point in our lives we must make a decision if we going to follow GOoD or go the other way. I can’t wait for the sequel!!!

Spell By Janell