War Room: Prayer Is A Powerful Weapon By Chris Fabry


Sunday Christians follows the story of Xavier Wilson. He is a successful, handsome entrepreneur that is searching for someone to share his life with. He has grown accustomed to having women throw themselves at him trying to become his wife, and one day he meets Phenice whom he knows will be his wife one day. And, while they have a whirlwind of a romance, it quickly becomes a nightmare for Xavier.

The Review

By the title of this book, one would assume that it is mainly about a Christian lifestyle, but it easily could be considered a secular book. The actions of some members of the church in this book will make you wonder why some even try to fool others by only being ‘Sunday Christians.’ Sunday Christians is the author’s first piece of published work and I do look forward to her second novel. This book is full of surprises and it is a quick read

Sunday Christians By Jodaea