Sway By Kate Roth


Talent manager, Beau Harris only cares about one of those things. His career is suddenly in a downward spiral and the only friend he has left is client and pop star, Vanessa Curtis.

Seeking refuge from the life he’s come to loathe, Beau moves in with Vanessa to focus on her upcoming tour. Yet unexpectedly, he ends up focusing more on his budding friendship with her sister and back-up dancer, Whitney.

Finally able to open up, Beau and Whitney share with each other the vulnerabilities they’ve hidden from the rest of the world. Unable to deny that their connection burns deeper than attraction, they’re forced to confront the feelings they’ve long since given up on. But the emotional baggage, the struggle to break old patterns, and the fear of what Vanessa will think makes falling in love more complicated than they could’ve imagined.

Love. Family. Business.

Those three things now hopelessly woven together, Beau will have to fight for the happily ever after he never knew he truly wanted.

**This book is a stand-alone novel in the Confession Records collection but may be better understood after reading book #1, Natural Harmony**

The Review

So, as soon as I finished Natural Harmony I knew I had to move on to Sway. Sway is the second book in the Confession Records collection and while the author states it can be read as a stand alone, I would not recommend that. In my opinion, Natural Harmony should be read first so you can understand how amazing the story of Beau truly is!!!

“He sliced out the love from his heart and the vulnerability from his soul. Stripped of what he’d never known he might’ve wanted he boxed up the feelings. He let the iciness and cynicism that fragmented through him begin to fester as he walked away from her, never looking back.”

To put it lightly, Beau was a complete jerk in Natural Harmony. Sway begins with Roth giving the background on Beau and the events that led up to his heart turning into an icebox. Within the first few pages, I felt myself warming up to him and I was able to understand why he turned into a jerk.

True to the formula of books within this genre, there is a woman that Beau encounters that begins to peel back his layers. Whitney makes him want to be a better person and Sway helps to serve as a reminder that not all love stories are the same. As an added bonus, we get some great insight into Beau’s relationship with Vanessa whom Sabrina (main character of Natural Harmony) thought was the reason why Beau was not 100% committed to her. A whole book could be written about Vanessa’s story.

Sway was a book that I truly enjoyed. It covered much deeper subject matter than Natural Harmony which highlighted how skilled Kate Roth is as a writer. I can’t wait to read whatever she releases next!!!

I kept hearing from folks that either the book or the movie had a very powerful effect on their life so I had very high expectations once I decided to open my copy. I was pulled in at the very beginning when they

Sway by Kate Roth