Testifyin’: The Rise To Grace By Angelia Vernon Menchan & Elissa Gabrielle


God often uses our deepest pain as a catalyst to our greatest calling. The pain will lead us to our purpose. Every single thing that happens in our lives has been set in motion to prepare us for moments that are yet to come. Oftentimes, while in the midst of those moments, we are unaware that all of the time that lead up to it, was preparation. To testify means to bear witness. And in Testifyin’: The Rise to Grace two women, give proof with confidence, transparency and honesty about the moments that allowed them to rise to grace. 

The Review

A Profound Journey on how being broken saved them and how they learned that rock bottom builds more champions than privilege. Faith, resiliency, marriage, motherhood, mistakes, sisterhood, pain and purpose, Testifyin’: The Rise to Grace by Elissa Gabrielle and Angelia Vernon Menchan is an amazing life guide for all women and teaches life-changing and life affirming lessons on passion, courage, life, love and tapping into the power within. 

Testifyin’ is like sitting around with your older cousins and/or aunts and they decide to start discussing their life experiences with you. The authors were quite brave and transparent to use their actual lives as the content. They went on to share how they overcame/got through different situations to become the women they are today. This book is their ministry and I’m confident that it’ll uplift, encourage, and help the women that read it. 3.5 stars

Testifyin’: The Rise To Grace By Angelia Vernon Menchan & Elissa Gabrielle