The Commitment Plan By Sheila Goss


Sheila Goss has written a fun, quick read in The Commitment Plan. Within one week the main character, Paige, is engaged to Marvin and Tyler but she is not sure if she wants to be committed to either one of them. And, within a few days a third man, Alvin, proposes to her and Paige believes that he’s the one but her mind keeps going back to Tyler.

The Review

A fun read!

Life is hard enough when we are trying to build, maintain, and grow one relationship so just imagine how complicated and exhausting it is with three men. The three men find out about each other at an event and instead of dealing with it, Paige runs away. One man is easily dismissed, one man is vindictive, and one man becomes Paige’s husband. There was one line of The Commitment Plan that has stuck with me: “Looks aren’t everything. When it comes to affairs of the heart, it doesn’t matter if you’re pretty or ugly, heartache hurts and it doesn’t discriminate.”

I have given this book 3 stars instead of a higher rating because a big deal was made of Paige’s younger sister Macy finding a job but we are not sure of her outcome and so it made the book seem incomplete. Overall, Sheila Goss writes an entertaining story and that is a nice afternoon read

The Commitment Plan By Sheila Goss