The Healing Of Love & Laughter By Rickey Teems II


The Healing of Love & Laughter by Rickey Teems II is unlike any Christian fiction book I have ever read. Isaac Golden is an aspiring comedian who has a girlfriend that sticks by him even though he can barely provide for her and their two daughters. Isaac gets his shot at a well-known comedy club and this opens the door for not only for more performances, but also access to women and drugs.

The Review

Isaac takes full advantage of the women and drugs that are now at his disposal even though his girlfriend, Janna, is having some serious health issues. At this point, you are cheering because his career seems to be taking off but on the other hand, you find yourself really upset with Isaac because of how he is handling his personal life. Tragedy strikes Isaac, and it strikes hard, fast, and multiple times.

The Healing of Love & Laughter will hit every emotion possible from happiness, to anger, to disappointment, to joy, and sadness. This book will entice you from the very first page to the last word. Rickey Teems II is an author with a very bright future and I look forward to reading more from him!

The Healing Of Love & Laughter By Rickey Teems II